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Eficaz Key Benefits and Features

✔ 300% faster than traditional tools available in the market


✔ Provides an excellent base for business intelligence

✔ Transforms the xml files into normalized RDBMS

Online/(near) real-time extractions – capable of sending alerts, on fly

✔ Seamless integration with T24


✔ Extract the data in parallel sessions with an ability to roll-over into multiple files based on the configuration


✔ Load the transformed data automatically to a data mart using "Bulk Copy Function” in Eficaz

Don't Take Our Word for it, Ask Alvin Ragaven from The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

"By replacing multiple middleware systems, Eficaz has streamlined the whole extraction process and reduced the risk and cost involved in managing multiple systems which demands diverse skill sets. Data is now delivered from our core banking system to staging area in a much faster, reliable and easily automated way, allowing us to act on the information very quickly. The user-friendly interface also enables us to efficiently manage and monitor the extraction process. "